Crude. Lewd. Lascivious. Scurrilous.

66-year old man in southeastern US, into a lot of things. Especially enjoy administering orgasm control and receiving oral pleasures.

Callie wasn’t used to getting fucked at that angle. It was definitely different and something she was fairly certain she’d be feeling for quite some time after Mr. Crude finished.

Callie Calypso & Jmac - Callie Craving - Reality Kings

Meghan wanted to celebrate the end of summer the same way she celebrated the end of the school year – by having anal sex with Mr. Crude.

As he was pushing his cock into her ass she said to him, “We need to find more things to celebrate this way.”

He laughed and replied, “We could always celebrate how much we enjoy anal sex together!”

Meghan grinned and commented, “Looks like my ass is going to be stuffed constantly.”

Although Dawn wasn’t completely satisfied with her progress, it was obvious she’d been doing some stretching with a large dildo.

Spreading her ass cheeks apart, she said to him, “I’ve made some progress since the last time we were together, Mr. Crude. I think you need to help me, though. I’m sure I’d be more motivated, plus you’d make sure I got properly stretched.”

“It looks to me like you’re coming along pretty well, Dawn.”

“Think you can fist my pussy? Will you try?”

He grinned. “You know I’ll try!”

Dawn smiled back and said, “You should shove your cock into my ass before you try to fist my pussy.”

“What? You want me to jerk off while I’m fisting you?”

Dawn laughed hard. “Yeah, give it a go!”

Cindy knew the drill... panties off, bend over and touch the floor, count each stroke and then thank Mr. Crude for not letting her get away with disrupting the class.

As soon as Susan got home from her classes, she pulled out her Magic Wand and masturbated with it as she fantasized about being fingered and fucked by Mr. Crude. She didn’t stop until her panties were soaked and her clit was almost numb.

Darcy could hardly believe that Mr. Crude was still pumping her ass even though he’d already cum. It didn’t upset her – just amazed her.

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