Crude. Lewd. Lascivious. Scurrilous.

Male, 67-year old former university teacher in southeastern US, into a lot of things. Especially enjoy administering orgasm control, receiving oral pleasures and playing with toys. Big toys.

After watching Kendra eating pussy while getting fucked from behind by a big black dude, Mr. Crude took her home, tied her to the bed and tormented her clit with a vibrator. After many ruined orgasms, he finally forced her to cum several times.

After pushing an extra long string of pearls into her pussy, Mr. Crude pulled it out slowly, lightly dragging the pearls over her clit.

As he did, she said, "You should also fill my ass with anal beads next time. I'll bet that would feel incredible when you pull them both out at the same time!"

Brielle saw Mr. Crude walking towards her. She immediately crouched down, spread her knees apart and flashed her pussy at him. When he got up close to her, he smiled and asked, "Is that for me?"

She smiled back and replied, "Yes, and as often as you want it."

Sara was so eager to earn her "B" in Mr. Crude's class that as soon as she was given permission to perform a special project, she dropped to her knees, took down his trousers and started sucking his cock. It felt so good that he didn't make her stop, taking a big chance that they wouldn't be caught.

After swallowing all of his cum, she asked if she could have a do-over.

"Why? You did fine," he said.

"I can do better!" she said. "If I have more time and space, I can suck your balls and do some more things that I'm pretty sure you'll like."

"Well, okay, if you say so," he replied.

Sara gave his balls a kiss before standing up and asked, "Do you like to have your ass licked?"

Mr. Crude smiled and said, "I think I have some time tonight for your do-over."

Carrie looked over her shoulder at Mr. Crude and asked, "Do you really want me to grind my pussy on the arm of this sofa before I start on my special project for my 'A' in your class?"

"The nubs of the upholstery ought to feel pretty good, don't you think?" he asked in reply.

"I guess so. I've never tried it," she replied as she started dragging her pussy forward. "Oh, fuck! That does feel good!"

"If you don't have a fabric protector on it, you shouldn't do too much," he said.

"Why don't you come over here and shove your cock into my ass? That'll give me a little bit of rubbing on my clit," said Carrie.

Apparently it gave her plenty of rubbing. The arm of the sofa was quite wet by the time he shot his load into her ass. After she sucked his cock clean she smiled and said, "I'll bet you're full of lots of good ideas, aren't you?"

He smiled and said, "I can think of a lot of fun things to do with you, that's for sure!"

Although having Mr. Crude fuck her in the ass was one of her favorite things to do on a lazy afternoon, she was quickly becoming a fan of his anal fisting.

Mr. Crude liked Kenzie's petite size. She liked his bigger than average cock size.

Although he hadn't invited Brianna, Mr.Crude was glad she came along with her sister.

Before the left to go to Cheryl's apartment, they got a little better acquainted. 

Said, Carolyn, "We'd better stop before there's a wet spot on my leggings."

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After earning her “C” from Mr. Crude and liking the way his cock stretched and filled her pussy, Kiera decided to continue with a dildo in hopes of reproducing the same feelings. It wasn’t quite as good as his cock, but she was able to fuck herself just about anytime she wanted, and the more she did it, the more often she wanted it.

Laurie wanted to be ready to earn her “A” in Mr. Crude’s class, but didn’t have a dildo to practice with. After looking through her apartment for something to use, she noticed the size and shape of the bedpost and decided to give it a try. Besides being surprisingly satisfying, it was always there, ready to be used.

After much practice, she was able to get in the last ring.

Samantha intended to get messy, so she asked Mr. Crude if she could suck his cock while in the bath tub.

“Should I take that to mean you’re not planning to swallow it?”

“Well, not right away. I think I deserve a good facial, don’t you?”

“I suppose. Let’s go.”